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Orthotic Friendly Footwear

Gait Doctor have partnered with Global Footcare to bring together the best shoe brands from around the world into one spot.

Please read our instructions
 below to ensure you get shoes that suit your custom orthotics and free shipping!

Please review the product description to ensure that the insoles are removable from the footwear.   If you choose from “Dr. Cherye’s Shoe Picks” she has already checked that the shoes are custom orthotic friendly.  Just to make it easier for you to find specific shoes models, in the large Global Footcare range, that suit your custom orthotics.
Of course you can go anywhere on the Global Footcare website after clicking the links here.   Just be aware that simple arch support in co-moulded footwear is not the same as your custom orthotics that have rearfoot posts, forefoot posts, met pads, Morton’s extensions

So p
lease review the product description to ensure that the insoles are removable from the footwear so they suit your custom orthotics.

Or to make your choice easier........ choose the “Dr. Cherye’s Shoe Picks”.
These shoes all suit your Gait Doctor Custom Orthotics.   

​​​​​​​There is no need to use a code as suggested in the video.

Shoes Recommended by Dr. Cherye Roche The Gait Doctor

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How You Can Get Stylish, Functional Shoes to Suit Your Custom Orthotics

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Womens Shoes

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